Our benefits

Promptness of provided services

Assignments of READY MADE companies are carried out within a few hours and the establishment of a tailor-made company takes only 8 working days.

International Clients

We have a successful track record of guiding foreign companies and entrepreneurs through the legal and business challenges of setting up a company in Czech Republic, in addition to providing continuing support as their businesses grow and their needs develop.

Disclosure and transparency

We place emphasis on ensuring that our clients receive quality customer service by assuring that our clients are well informed and provided only with transparent services. We aspire to build a relationship based on trust and professional collaboration. 

Visit us

We will be pleased to meet you and personally answer all of your questions and addresses your concerns. Our office is located in the heart of Prague with very good connection to public transport. 

Competitive Prices

We offer a selection of services related to the establishment of your turnkey company (both Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company) as well as the sale of already pre-established READY MADE companies at very competitive prices. Moreover, our prices have no hidden fees.

Strong market position

Due to our quality services and pricing policy, our company has established itself as the leading provider of advisory services for setting up companies in Czech Republic and abroad.

Trade licence included in the price

All of our companies, which we offer for sale, have a trade licence at the moment of their assignment to the client.

This enables you to start running your businesses immediately with your new company, compared to those established by most of our competitors who offer only a licence for administration and renting of real estate, and as a result, you would have to wait up to two weeks for a trade licence for an additional cost.