General Meetings

General meetings

The organization of a General Meeting is considered to be a complicated process that requires constant contact with the issue and specific knowledge of relevant legislation and judicial interpretation.

Without previous experience, the securing of a General Meeting can take several weeks and even may be declared invalid in the future.

Profispoleč offers its customers the possibility of holding a general meeting in their company, so that the meeting is held in a timely matter, properly and with special attention to the individual needs.

The clients themselves do not have to visit the relevant authorities or lengthy study the relevant regulations relating to the issue. They can thus fully focus on their core business.

Mandatory general meetings

The obligation of each company determined by law is to hold a General Meeting annually, and to approve the financial statements during the meeting, and later on deposit these documents to the collection of documents. The failure to comply with this obligation entails both private and criminal sanctions.

The form of a notarial deed is not legally required for a mandatory general meeting.

Voluntary general meetings

Voluntary general meetings take place mainly in connection with making any changes in the company. Some changes in the company require holding a general meeting in the form of a notarial deed - typically a change in the founding document of the company (change of name, increasing the number of organs, change of the registered office address to another municipality, etc.), the decision on merger, the decision on liquidation etc.

We will be pleased to convene and organize a general meeting for you, we will prepare a decision of the sole shareholder or the decision of statutory bodies, to carry out your requested changes.

The decision of a sole shareholder

In cases, where the company has a single owner (partner / shareholder), the sole owner performs the activities of the General Meeting. The decision of the sole shareholder is documented in the Minutes which must be in the form of a notarial deed in cases stated by the law or company's founding documents.

We will provide you full administration connected with holding a general meeting

Don't worry about studying legislation or with visiting authorities and courts, we are here to do that for you!

We will

  • Draft up an invitation to the General Meeting.
  • Arrange for you the Annual General Meeting.
  • Produce the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Produce documents for the financial statements and the distribution of profit or coverage of loss of the company.
  • We will deposit the above-mentioned documents in the collection of documents, which we will also review.
  • We will prepare for you the full wording of the amended founding documents of your company.

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