Setting up a LLC with our capital

The establishment of a limited liability company with our capital is a very attractive combination of our services of establishing a tailored Ltd. and the sale of a ready made Ltd.

The establishment of a Ltd. with our capital combines the advantages of the two above-mentioned options to acquire a new company in the Czech Republic.

If you are not in a hurry to start your business and do not have the funds to repay the share capital of the Ltd., or simply you do not want to have your money deposited on an escrow account, then setting up a ready made company with our capital represents the most suitable option for you.

The process of founding a Ltd. with our capital is as follows: We establish a new company according to your requirements with our financial means and after its registration in the Commercial Register we transfer the company to you.

The main advantages of a Ltd. with our capital

  • You do not have to pay the costs associated with changing the founding document of the company (typically the case when changing the name, change of residence, change of partners or directors).
  • You can have any number of shareholders or company directors.
  • Opportunity to choose your own company name right from the beginning.
  • Opportunity to choose company‘s registered office in the Czech Republic.
  • You do not have to possess the financial means to repay the basic capital.
  • You have the opportunity to choose a business according to your requirements.

Formation of a tailor-made company with our capital

You can get a tailor-made limited liability company with our capital from us.

The cost of setting up a limited liability company with our capital includes absolutely everything:

  • Obtaining and completing all necessary documents and forms.
  • Notarial deed (the memorandum or articles of association - by number of members).
  • Verification of signatures of founders on all documents needed for the founding of a company with our capital.
  • Extract from the Criminal record of executives, extract from the cadastre for the  registered office address of the company.
  • Extract from the Trade Register of a newly established company.
  • Obtaining a trade license for free trades.
  • Duty stamps and court fees for filing an application for company registration in the Commercial Registry.
  • Costs associated with the transfer of the company to the new owner and his entry into the Commercial Registry.


I) Along with the foundation of a LLC, you can also order a virtual office for only 149,- CZK per month.

II) We sell ready made LLCs already registered for VAT at the time of transfer to the new owner!

Set up LLC with our capital

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