What is a ready made company and what are its advantages?

A ready made is an already established company, registered in the Commercial Register with no history, payables and receivables, with a lifetime debts-free guarantee, which can be purchased immediately and within 24 hours from the receipt of your order, you can start running business with your new company. A ready made company is established  solely for the purpose of its sale and allows you to save time and money otherwise spent  when establishing and registering a new company.

What do I need for establishing a Limited Liability Company?

While you are considering to establish a Limited Liability Company, you can choose from two options:

1) Establishing a tailor made LLC 

  • You need to redeem either CZK 1 or the recommended CZK 200.000 as a share capital
  • The incorporation process takes about 8 working days from drafting a Memorandum of Association up to the registration in the Commercial Register, including arrangements to obtain a Trade Licence

2) Establishing a LLC through a purchase of a ready made LLC 

  • You do not need 200.000 CZK to redeem a share capital since it has already been paid by us and will be assigned to the treasury of the LLC company in terms of bookkeeping.
  • You can start running your business immediately upon the assignment of a LLC company to you because the company is already registered in the Commercial Register, having its ID, including even a Trade Licence.

What is the basic (registered) capital of a ready made company?

An advantage of a ready made company is the fact that it has already redeemed its basic (registered) capital in full. Upon the transfer of a ready made company, you are buying a share at a face value in return for obtaining its basic capital at the company‘s treasury.

A scheme of a ready made Limited Liability Company‘s assignment is as follows:

You, as a new associate and company‘s owner purchase the share at a price of 200.000 CZK against 200.000 CZK (the basic capital of a company) at the treasury of an acquired company. There is a mutual offsetting of those amounts, i.e. the above-mentioned 200.000 CZK is assigned only in terms of bookkeeping.

Is it safe to buy a ready made company?

Everyone interested in buying a ready made company asks this question. Before buying an already established company there may be some concern about its economic and legal purity.

If you are considering buying a company – an already established ready made company, you should choose a reputable partner, who has a strong background and market position. Such partner gives you the guarantee of legal purity and a company free of any liabilities, so you do not need to be afraid of false or misleading statements of the seller since such misconduct could destroy its good reputation and expose it to the danger of prosecution and disqualification.

Do READY MADE companies have a history?

All the companies for sale have never conducted any business activities, therefore, they have no business history. Whether you are buying a company established this year, last year or the year before, its history is only limited to the formal aspect of an establishment date. Business history of a ready made company begins from the moment of its transfer to new owner.

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