Ready made LLC

Information about ready made LLC

A Ready made LLC (s.r.o.) is a pre-established limited liability company that is already registered in the Commercial Register, has its own ID, has never run any business and has a 100% guarantee of indebtedness.

All of our ready made LLC companies have registered free trades license, so they can be purchased and the company's new owner can almost immediately start a new business under a new company on the same day when the ready made LLC is transferred to a new owner.

A Ready made LLC has a fully paid up share capital and also has an assigned bank account in order to help the new owner run more smoothly the art of business; this account can be closed free of charge at the client's request.

You can also get a ready made LLC already registered for VAT!

Express registration to the Commercial Register

We offer our clients an express incorporation of all changes made in the ready made LLC within 24 hours in the form of a notarial deed.

Thanks to our express registry in the Commercial Register you will have your ready made LLC registered to your name on the day of the transfer of the company! On the very same day, you will have a certificate of incorporation with all your new data.

Ready made LLC for CZK 14 900 incl. VAT.

A Ready made limited liability company can be obtained from us only for the amount of CZK 14 900,- including VAT with a share capital of CZK 200,000.

The price for a ready made LLC includes the following services:

  • Organizing the General Meeting and election of new executives of the company as a part of the transfer of a ready made LLC.
  • Verification of necessary documents and signatures on all documents.
  • The court fee for the registration of changes in the Commercial Register.
  • Our LLC have registered free trades at the time of the transfer - most of our competitors do not offer this service and it is not possible for you to start you business immediately with them. 
  • Change of your registered office within Prague.
  • Guarantee of incorporating the changes made in the ready made LLC.
  • Extract from the Registrar of Penalties of the Managing Director, extract of the Trade Register and Land Register.
  • Sale of the LLC - transfer of 100% of the company's business share to a new shareholder.
  • Company's registration for income tax.
  • 100% guarantee of the indebtedness of our ready made LLCs. 

The list of our ready made limited companies can be found on a separate page: List of ready made companies.

Sale of ready made limited liability companies

Sale of ready made limited liability companies is the primary focus of our company. If you are interested in buying a LLC, you can choose from our offer of ready made companies as a way of establishing your new LLC with no deposit, as this deposit was repaid by us at the time of the company's founding. The transfer is made only on an accounting basis at the cash register of the company. Our ready made LLCs are always based in Prague, but it is possible to change the registered office to any municipality in the Czech Republic.

More information about ready made limited liability companies and their transfer to the client - what we will need to know from you can be found on a separate page in the section about ready made LLC.

The purchase of a ready made limited liability company is the most common way of acquiring a new limited liability company. Sales of companies in the form of ready made is the fastest and least costly way of buy a new LLC.

If you don't rush with the establishment of your new company, and you would like to make use of the possibility to have the capital paid up from our funds, you have the opportunity to establish a company with our share capital. For more information on this, please see Establishing a company with our capital.

Special offer:

1.Together with your ready-made limited liability company, you can additionally order a registered office from CZK 149 per month.

2. We offer sales limited liability companies already registered for VAT at the time of transfer to the new owner!

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