Foundations and Endowment funds

Setting up a tailor made foundation or an endowment fund

Do not hesitate to contact us - we will set up your foundation or endowment fund professionally and quickly without unnecessary paperwork and delays. We will customize the Founding Charter of the foundation or the endowment fund and resolve all other administrative and legal issues, including its incorporation in the Foundation Register.

If you do not have a registered office address for your foundation, you can choose from our offer of virtual registered offices across Czech Republic, which also applies to foundations. We also provide bookkeeping services to the foundations and endowment funds.

The foundation is a purposeful association of assets that the founder establishes for the sustainable achievement of socially or economically useful goals. Its name must include the word "foundation" and as a rule, also a description indicating its purpose. The foundation may only pursue business as a subsidiary activity.

The endowment fund, unlike the foundation, is much more simple to set up and administer, and has no obligatory endowment capital. The endowment fund, unlike the foundation, may not need to be of a permanent nature. 

Services that we will provide with pleasure  for your foundation or endowment fund

  • Establishing a new foundation or endowment fund and incorporating it in the Foundation Register.
  • Changes, updating and modification of the foundation charter of an existing foundation or endowment fund.
  • Election and registration of new statutory bodies in the Foundation Register.
  • Registration at the tax office, health insurance and social security administration.
  • Bookkeeping and payroll agenda.
  • Tax and legal advice during the existence of the foundation or endowment fund.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the foundation or endowment fund, including its deletion from the Foundation Register.
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