Sale and purchase of companies

Information about purchase of companies

Have you decided to sell your company? If it meets our conditions, we will purchase it directly from you or try to mediate its sale to a new buyer. We receive daily demands for companies with payer history and for non-VAT payer.

The buyout is a process that is influenced by many factors. The most important of these factors is the age of the company (the day of its creation - registration in the Commercial Register) and the fulfillment of the conditions we require for all the companies that we buy back.

Conditions for the purchase of the company:

  • The company is completely free of any debts and liabilities.
  • The company has maintained proper accounting throughout its existence and duly surrendered tax returns and reports to the health and social insurance.
  • The company is not a VAT payer in the time of redemption (former VAT registration does not matter).
  • The Statutory Body is completely blameless.
  • These conditions shall be proven by the client by providing official documentation submitted to us before the transfer of their business to our company. These documents are intended to ensure the security of the entire business transaction of the company's purchase on both sides.

Documents required for the purchase of the company:

  • Certificates of indebtedness of the company issued by the tax office
  • Certificates of indebtedness of the company issued by the Social Security Administration
  • Certificates of indebtedness of the public health insurance
  • Extract from the Criminal records of the statutory body (executive / board member)

If, on the basis of the above mentioned documents, it will be verified that your company has no liabilities, we will offer you a purchase price for your company. This price is always set individually and depends mainly from the date of incorporation of the company and on the quality of founding and other documents.

In addition to the original owner's remuneration, we also reimburse all costs associated with the transfer of the company and the registration of changes in the Commercial Register - typically notarial registration costs, statements, signature verification, copies and stamps for registration in the Commercial Register.

Buyout of existing companies

Is your limited liability company, your joint ctock company or your European company for sale because it does not fulfill its business role for you? Or you don't have a buyer for your company? Is your company up for sale with no obligations?

If your company is not indebted, we will buy it from you and arrange all legal requirements associated with the sale of the company, change of its statutory authority and office.

If you no longer need your company, request our service of purchase of companies! 

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