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Setting up a tailor-made company

Establishing a new company and the registration of this company in the Commercial register are one of the main pitfalls that await the future operator of the company.

Establishment of a company in the Czech Republic is considered to be a very expensive and time-intensive process during which a new entrepreneur faces numerous administrative, legal and financial risks.

When establishing a new company, starting entrepreneurs have to face, in particular, the following challenges:

  • Law confusion and the unavailability of sufficient relevant information.
  • Complexity of an application form (filing for registration of new companies in the Commercial Register), which contains up to 20 pages including annexes and an unclear definition and inconsistency of court decisions on the registration of new companies.
  • Significant risk of rejection of a registration of a new company in the Commercial Register by the court and associated additional considerable time and financial losses of the founder.
  • When establishing a new company you have to pay up to 15 visits to various institutions and offices.
  • When establishing a limited liability company (LLC) or joint stock company (JSC), you have to support almost 20 applications with certificates, forms and other attachments.
  • Average time for setting up a company in the Czech Republic is around 5 weeks according to the report of the World Bank.
  • Every mistake you make when setting up a new company will lengthen and raise the price of the establishment process of your business. 

With our consulting service, this cannot happen to you when setting up your company! If you want to start your business do not hesitate to turn to professionals.

Not only will we protect you from the aforementioned risks, but above all, we will set up a company in the shortest possible time and under exceptionally favourable price conditions. Our services are shaped by the individual needs of our clients. We have developed a range of professional services that can be tailored to you. 

Favourable market prices

The price for setting up a turnkey company always includes all statutory fees. If you also order a registered office together with the establishment of your company, the price for the turnkey company will be almost the same as the price for the statutory fees, as if you were setting up a company by yourself. 

The establishment of companies is one of our main activities and therefore, if you are considering establishing a new company, do not hesitate to use our services - setting up a company with Profispoleč is an advantageous and cost-effective way of securing a turnkey company and establishing a company in the Czech Republic. 

NOTE: If you want to start your business immediately and without having to pay up basic capital (which is mandatory for a tailor-made company) feel free to take advantage of our offer of already pre-established ready made companies and start your business success with a new company as early as tomorrow!

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