Dominica, formerly a British colony, is a small island republic in the southern Caribbean.

  • Capital: Roseau
  • Official languages: English, French patois
  • Currency: East Caribbean dollar ECS 2.70 / 1 USD

Main advantages of a company in Dominica

  • High level of anonymity - The business register is not accessible to the public, the names of shareholders and directors are known only to the registration agent.
  • Fast incorporation - usually within 1 day provided the necessary documents are delivered on time, document delivery within 2 weeks.
  • Registered capital of at least 100 USD.
  • Possibility of issuing bearer shares.
  • IBC are exempt from all taxes for at least 20 years old.
  • Tax returns is not required.
  • Bookkeeping is optional.
  • Company audit is optional.
  • Possibility of using nominee services (managing director and nominee shareholder) for even higher degree of anonymity of ownership.
  • Documents from the State of Dominica are easily accepted by Czech registration courts.
  • Dominica based companies may acquire, for example, shares of companies in Czech Republic.

The most common use of the company in Dominica

  • Holding (parent company) to another company for the purpose of anonymity of property ownership.
  • Direct sales of goods or services where it is not necessary to use a system of bilateral double taxation, and where is no risk of withholding taxes.

Establishing an offshore company in the Dominica

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