Companies with a higher capital

Information on companies with a higher capital

If you need to establish a company that will have a higher share capital than its statutory minimum - that is CZK 1,- in the case of a Ltd (s.r.o.) and CZK 2,000,000 in the case of a joint stock company (a.s.), you can choose from the following ready made companies with an increased share capital. You can have a company with higher prestige and perfect company image for your business.

If you need to start quickly your business with your new limited liability company or joint stock company whose share capital is higher than required by law, you have the option to use the services of our company and buy a new ready made company with a registered capital of up to CZK 10 million!

Profispoleč offers a convenient transfer of a ready-made company with higher registered capital with immediate availability. Now you no longer have to take a long time to set up a company with a higher share capital, or go through a demanding  process of raising the registered capital of LLC (s.r.o.) or JSC (a.s.), which may take up to several months.

Benefits of ready made companies with a higher registered capital:

  • Higher prestige and credibility of your new business.
  • Perfect corporate image.
  • Better position for dealing with business partners or banks.
  • The company is immediately available instead of the lengthy establishment or increase of the registered capital.

Special offer:

Together with buying a ready-made company with a higher share capital, you can also order the service of the registered office of the company from CZK 149 per month!

We offer ready made joint stock companies with increased share capital under the following terms:

Amount of the basic capital
4.000.000 CZK
89.900 CZK
6.000.000 CZK
129.900 CZK
8.000.000 CZK
169.900 CZK
10.000.000 CZK
199.900 CZK

Ready made limited liability companies (LLC) with increased share capital:

Amount of the basic capital
200.000 CZK
according to the price of a standard LLC
400.000 CZK
18.900 CZK
600.000 CZK
20.900 CZK
800.000 CZK
23.900 CZK
1.000.000 CZK
26.900 CZK
2.000.000 CZK
49.900 CZK
4.000.000 CZK
89.900 CZK

For all ready made companies, we guarantee by law their 100% indebtedness and the possibility of an immediate start of business.

Share capital of the Ltd. and JSC is 100% paid-up.

The price of the company also includes all court and notarial fees, as well as notifications of free trade, like in case of companies with a standard amount of share capital - see the Price list of the standard ready made companies.

Prices do not include VAT.

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