Changes in existing companies

Information on Changes in the company

During the existence of any company, from time to time comes a need to make a change in the company and register the respective change into the Commercial Register.

If you do not want to deal with the administration necessary to make the changes in the company, you can rely on our professional services.

We will carry out the requested change in the company properly, in a timely manner and for reasonable price conditions.

Types of changes in the company which we can arrange for you

We will convene and organize a general meeting and prepare a decision of the sole shareholder or the decision of the statutory bodies to carry out all requested changes in your company.

The most commonly requested changes in companies are available on the following separate pages:

Furthermore, we will arrange for you any other changes in your company, for example:

  • Appointment of directors, the appointment of a member of the Board or the Supervisory Board, the appointment of proxies.
  • Dismissal of directors, dismissal of a member of the Board or the Supervisory Board, of proxies.
  • Changing the way of proceedings of statutory bodies or proxies.
  • Change of registered office - change of company headquarters.
  • Change of partner / shareholder.
  • Transfer of shares to new acquirer.
  • Change in the amount of shares / change the type, form and value of the shares
  • Reduction or conversely increase the investment in associate company
  • Increase of the company's registered capital.
  • Decrease of the registered capital of the company.
  • Change of the business name (the company name).
  • Change of address of residence of director, proxy, partner, board member, sole shareholder.
  • Change, respectively extending the scope of business or vice versa narrowing.
  • All other changes in the joint stock company and limited liability company.
  • All other changes within the organizational unit of the legal entity.
  • Company transformation.
  • Other changes not mentioned above.

All of the above mentioned changes in the company include:

  • Convening and organizing the general meeting.
  • Minutes of the General Meeting / or a draft of the decision of the sole shareholder or statutory body.
  • Preparation of all documents necessary for the change.
  • Preparation and filing of the application for change in the Commercial register.
  • Processing of the full wording of the amendments of the founding document and its incorporation into the collection of documents.


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Changes in the Ltd. - change of registered office and other changes

A common change is the change of the registered office of the Ltd., the change of the name of Ltd., a change of the director of the Ltd. A common requirement are also the minutes of the General Meeting of Ltd. Change of company business address or change of name and change of director is an easy thing for us since we conduct such activities on a daily basis. For someone who does not want to deal with documentation associated with processing the changes, we offer our expert service.

Do you want an Extraordinary General Meeting? Or are you interested in any change in the Commercial Register - e.g. change of registered office in Prague? We will carry out any changes that need to be registered in the Commercial Register, so you do not have to worry about any difficulties. You do not have to look for a standard form of the minutes of the meeting, the standard form of the minutes of the General Meeting or the form for the invitation, you do not need to study the laws on the  transformation of commercial companies, as we will do everything for you.

Our offer of services includes any change in the Commercial register, change of legal form, deletion from the Commercial register, increase of the registered capital, convening of the General meeting. You do not have to worry about the changes in the Commercial register, leave them to the professionals. Find out more about the possibilities of changes in capital. We will help you with the resignation of directors or the resignation of a board member, with the change in the social contract, or with the change of the name of the company.

Prices of changes in existing companies

1) variant without notarial deed - from 3 900 CZK without VAT according to extend of changes

2) variant  with the necessity of a notarial deed - from 9 900 CZK without VAT according to extend of changes

* All prices are without VAT.

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