Change of registered office address

Change of the company‘s registered office address (either Ltd. or JSC) is one of our most frequently provided services for our clients, or for new owners of ready made companies or for owners or executives of already existing companies.

You can request a change of your registered office address for your company by changing to your address or to a virtual office address.

Change of the registered office is particularly relevant in these situations:

Change of address for the transfer of a ready made company

If you buy a ready-made company from us and you will not use the service of virtual office at the original address of the ready-made company or you may want to use a different virtual office, we will change the registered office free of charge during the transfer of the ready-made company and the entry of these changes in the Commercial Register.

Change of address of an already established and functioning company

For clients, who have their company incorporated and registered in the Commercial Register, and only want to change the address of registered office, we provide the service of change of their registered office either with using the service of providing a registered office from us or without providing this service.

The reasons for changing the registered office of an existing company are often the following situations:

  • The company is changing its offices - the company is moving away.
  • Client wants to move his business to a different address than the address of his own property.
  • The company headquarters are moving to larger cities - such as Prague, Brno and Ostrava - to reduce the likelihood of accidental financial and other administrative checks and controls, and also because of the increased prestige and improvement of the company‘s image; in this case the client usually does not move the business (office, workshop) to the big city, but only changes the registered office address thanks to the use of the service of provision of a virtual registered office.

The process of changing the company‘s headquarters

The process of changing the registered office address of a company depends on whether the change of the registered office of the Ltd. or JSC takes place within the municipality (e.g. within Prague) or the registered office changes to a different municipality.

1) Change of registered office address within the same municipality

In case of such change, there is no need to change the founding documents of the company (it is not required to change the address in the form of a notarial deed) since the company states in the founding documents only the name of the city and this city is the same as the municipality in which the new registered office of the company will be situated (e.g. change of address from Prague 3 to Prague 8).

A change of the company‘s registered office address is made through a simple application for the change in the Commercial Register, which is supported by appropriate attachments - in particular, the consent for a company to use the owners property as a registered office address, not older than 3 months.

The above does not apply in particular to older companies that have in their founding documents as their registered office address a specific and complete registered office address. In this case, it is necessary to follow step 2.

2) Change of registered office address to another municipality

In this case, the change of the registered office must be changed also in the founding documents of the company (the founder‘s deed or social contract, etc.) in the form of a notarial deed. The notarial deed will then be annexed to the application for the change of the company‘s registered office address in the Commercial register together with the approval of the owner of the property (see above).

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