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General information about the institute in CZ

The Institute is a legal entity established for the purpose of conducting an activity that is socially or economically useful, using its personal and property components. The Institute operates activities the results of which are equally available to everyone under predetermined conditions.

The institute usually refers to a scientific, research, educational, cultural, professional or healthcare institution or a specialized organization (in particular, it can refer to a university institute as part of a higher education institution). In the general language, the word "institute" is sometimes used for objects or entities that do not have the word in its name (e.g. elementary schools, high schools or universities are referred to as educational institutes).

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Procedure of establishing the institute in Czech Republic

The institute is established by a charter of foundation or by last will and testament. Since the legal relations of the institute are equal like those of a foundation, a form of a public deed is required for the charter.

The requirements of the charter

  • The name of the institute and its registered office,
  • The purpose of the Institute by defining the subject of its activity, or the subject of its business,
  • Details on the amount of the capital or of a non-monetary contribution,
  • The number of members of the management board as well as the names and addresses of its first members,
  • Details of the internal organization of the institute.

Bodies of the Czech institute

The bodies of the Institute are the Director and the Board of Directors. The statutory body of the institute is the Director, or a person with a similar designation.

The Director cannot be a member of the Board of Directors and, if a supervisory board or other body of a similar nature has been established, nor can the Director be a member of such a body.

The members of the Board of Directors are appointed and dismissed by the founder. If this is not possible, the supervisory board (if it has been established) elects and recalls members of the Board of Directors. Otherwise, the Board of Directors elects and recalls its members themselves. Membership in the Board of Directors is incompatible with the membership in the Supervisory board.

The term of office of the member of the Board of Directors is three years, unless the founding legal act provides for a different length. If it is not excluded by the founding legal act, a member of the Board of Directors may also be elected repeatedly. However, if the Board of Directors elects and recalls its members, the same person may be re-elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Board of Directors elects and dismisses the Director, oversees the performance of his / her duties and decides on the legal proceedings of the institute against the Director. Unless otherwise specified, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall express his / her will in the course of these legal proceedings. The Board of Directors approves the Institute's budget, financial statements and annual reports.

Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Institute contains, in addition to the requirements laid down in accounting regulations, other significant data on the activities and management of the Institute, including the amount of payments provided to the members of the institute's bodies, and any changes in the founding legal acts or changes in membership in the institution's bodies.

If the founding legal act does not specify another way of publication, the Institute shall publish an annual report no later than six months after the end of the accounting period by depositing it in the collection of documents.

Termination of the Institute

If the Institute fails to fulfill its purpose for a long period of time, the court shall abolish it at the request of a person who has a legal interest. The Institute is terminate by deletion from the public register.

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