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Company registered office

The most common additional service that our clients require when purchasing a ready-made company, or even when setting up a company, is the service of providing company's registered office.

Having its own registered office is a prerequisite for each business company to register this company in the Commercial Register. Not everyone has the opportunity or the interest to place their headquarters on their own address - whether office, house or flat. Therefore, our service is designed to provide the company's registered offices.

The service of the company's registered office has recently become very demanding, including the current version of the Czech Civil Code, which makes it possible for every company to have a so-called registered office or a virtual office, even though the company does not physically reside there. This concept is based on the freedom of business and the establishment of companies across the European Union.

Storage of delivered mail

All our clients have the opportunity to pick up delivered mail items at our office for free! We always inform clients by e-mail about the delivered mail and the possibility of picking up their mail in our offices. For a fee, it is possible to set up a deposit with the Czech Post Office, or scan the mail and forward it by e-mail to any domestic or foreign address.

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Registered office Hradec Kralove Registered office Hradec Kralove

Address Komenského 264/5, 500 03 Hradec Králové

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Special offer

If you take advantage of the company's registered office in Prague 8, you will receive from us a discount of CZK 2,000 for a service of company establishment or for purchasing a ready ready made company!

The service of providing company's registered office service is especially useful for the client who

  • is interested in lowering the cost of the company's headquarters, especially renting an office
  • has no opportunity or interest to buy or rent a company's own office
  • requires a professional corporate image and the corresponding company address
  • planes only a short-term business project
  • is interested in virtual office services

If at least one of the above reasons also applies to you, then it makes sense to seriously consider ordering this service.

Our service of providing company registered office includes

  • representative company registered office and business address for your company
  • the label with the name of your company on the house or in its interior
  • the possibility to register the registered office of the company in the Commercial Register
  • administration of received postal items and e-mail notifications together with pick-up options right in our office

No additional charges are applicable to the monthly cost of the residence, you will always pay only for the service of the registered office at our address.

Virtual office facility

As part of the company's registered office service, we also provide the company's virtual office service. The virtual office service will provide you with a convenient virtual office with all the administrative features of the company's regular location.

The virtual office service of the company mainly provides the following services:

  • •receiving and forwarding mail sent to the virtual office of the company
  • e-mail notifications with pick-up information
  • forwarding incoming mail to an address specified by the client, including abroad
  • scanning incoming mail items and forwarding them by e-mail
  • receiving phone calls and forwarding messages
  • short-term lease of offices and meeting rooms at the address of the virtual office

For inquiries about a registered office or virtual office, do not hesitate to contact us!

Registered office in Prague

We offer the company's registered office in Prague. Prague headquarters is convenient even if you have your office or other registered office and would like to change its address. We can simply change the headquarters of your company for you. E.g. you do not have a registered office in Prague and you want to have it. Registered office Prague is a brand of prestige. Changing the company's headquarters is not complicated with us. Profispoleč will easily and quickly arrange the change of the registered office.

Are you looking for the address of your limited liability company? Profispoleč  provide registered offices for all types of business companies. You can easily get offices in Prague without having to choose a real office rental. Virtual Registered office in  Prague will be your virtual address, which is a completely legal and used way.

One of the conditions for entering the company in the Commercial Register is the approval with the use of the premises for registered office of a company. Change of the registered address is also accompanied by a change of the entry in the Commercial Register. If you do not have a business address and you do not want to arrange traditional rental of the office space because it would be unnecessarily expensive, choose a virtual business office, a modern and popular way of doing business.