Establishing a tailored association from CZK 6.900 + VAT!

Do not hesitate to contact us - we will set up your association professionally and quickly without unnecessary paperwork and delays. We will set up the Association's Statutes according your particular needs and resolve all other details, including the incorporation of the newly established association in the Associations Register.

If you do not have a seat for your association, you can choose from our offer of virtual registered offices throughout the Czech Republic, which also applies to associations. We also offer the service of bookkeeping to all registered associations.

We also offer to carry out changes in existing institutions, e.g. change of statutes, registration of new bodies, change of registered office of the institute, etc. 

Services that we will provide with pleasure  for your association

  • Establishing a new association and registering it in the Associations Register.
  • Transfer of a non-profit organization established under the former law to a registered association in accordance with the new civil code (NOZ).
  • Modification, updating and amendment of the statutes of the existing association.
  • Election and registration of new statutory bodies of the association.
  • Registration of your association at the tax office, health insurance and social security administration.
  • Bookkeeping and wages administration for your association.
  • Tax and legal advice during the existence of the association.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the association, including deletion from the Associations Register.
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