Legal service

Provision of Legal Services

In cooperation with an independent lawyer, we offer our clients for a reduced price comprehensive legal services, especially in professional legal advice, drafting contracts and other documents, representing clients in judicial and administrative proceedings and in dealing with the counterparty.

Legal services are given in the following fields:

Contract Law

  • Preparation, negotiation and commenting on all contracts and agreements
  • Purchase agreements, contracts, gift contracts, loan and lending, etc.
  • Drafting up proposals, requests and submissions
  • Client representation before the courts in disputes arising from contracts

Real Estate

  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts on the transfer of real estate - apartments, houses and commercial premises
  • Preparation of a proposal for entry / entry in the Land Registry and Cadastre and representation of the client in the cadastral proceedings
  • Distribution of co-ownership, adjustments to the joint property of spouses (SJM)
  • Client representation before the court in disputes concerning to real estates

Corporate Law and the Commercial Register

  • Comprehensive advice on acquisitions and transfers of companies
  • Legal audit of companies - Due Diligence
  • Preparation of mergers, changes in legal form, distribution and transfer of assets to a partner
  • Preparation of documents for the changes in the company and their entry in the Commercial register (OR)
  • Client representation before the court in disputes relating to commercial companies and representation in registration proceedings

Family and succession law

  • Professional advice in matters of divorce, maintenance, paternity, etc.
  • Preparation of pre-marital contracts and constriction / expansion agreements of the spouses
  • Property settlement of spouses after the divorce with emphasis on the protection of the client
  • Drafting of wills, deeds of disinheritance and representing clients in inheritance proceedings
  • Client representation in court in contentious and non-contentious legal matters concerning family and inheritance relationships 

Labor Law

  • Professional solutions for negotiating and terminating employment 
  • Preparation and negotiation of employment contracts and agreements outside the employment relationship
  • Creating working rules and other internal regulations of the employer
  • Client representation in court in disputes arising from labor relations 

Intellectual property and IT law

  • Preparation and negotiation of license agreements and works contracts, copyright agreements, contracts of actors and performers, etc.
  • Patents, trademarks, utility models and appellations of origin
  • Representing clients before the Industrial Property Office

Tax and Finance

  • Specialized tax consulting and tax optimization options
  • Legal representation of clients in tax proceedings before tax authorities and litigation with tax authorities (tax and customs authorities)
  • Appeal against the decision of tax authorities
  • Concepts of international structures (offshore) with respect to the optimal taxation
  • Application of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation in case the a specific client's case


Legal services in Czech Republic

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