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Information on offshore companies

The term offshore company is based on the concept of offshore, which is used in two senses:

  • Destination or country that offers a favourable tax regime for foreign investors - tax haven
  • Trading company established in such a country

The establishment and use of offshore (i.e. foreign) companies is a legal and legitimate way to secure the anonymity of ownership and the possibility of greater corporate prestige.

Tax optimization through offshore companies is not an appropriate solution for EU residents and therefore we do not provide services related to tax optimization.

Even countries with a good reputation such as the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Netherlands and Cyprus are ranked among offshore destinations owing to their tax-friendly environment (tax haven)!

Setting up and sales of offshore companies

Establishing an offshore company with taking advantage of our services is very convenient, discreet and professional, since we work in this field with our reputable partner - company - which has been successfully dealing with offshore companies in tax havens since 1998. Prior to the process of establishing an offshore company, there is a need for a professional consultation and detailed analysis of your business plan and specific requirements. Only on the basis of a detailed consultation, provided documentation, the selection of an appropriate jurisdiction and selection of the most favourable country - tax haven - for the company's registered office, we shall offer you a tailor-made or already pre-established READY MADE OFFSHORE company. This company will have no history, either in business or in property. The time period necessary for the establishment of an offshore company varies from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the choice of the company's registered office. When buying a READY MADE offshore company you can benefit from using such a company within 24 hours. Necessary documents are listed in the article What we will need from you to establish an offshore company.

The following services are provided as part of the establishment of a tailor-made foreign company or part of the purchase of an already pre-established READY MADE offshore company: 

  • Preparation and drawing up all necessary documents required for establishing a company in the given country (tax haven).
  • Legalization and verification of all signatures and documents of the founder and obtaining extracts from the respective registers (typically from the criminal record, Commercial Register, Land Registry, Trade Register, etc.).
  • Company‘s registration for income tax or other taxes.
  • Providing statutory representatives of the company in a tax haven.
  • Providing registered and business addresses in the country, including postal services.
  • Opening a bank account with a suitable banking institution.
  • Translation and interpreting services provided by qualified translators and interpreters.

Offshore companies are most often established in the following countries - tax havens:

Procedure for establishing an offshore company – or how it actually works

The process of setting up your new foreign company in a tax haven proceeds with the following steps:

  1. Free professional consultation - a detailed analysis of your situation and business plan, selection of the most advantageous destination, and after agreeing on the concept of use and structure of your offshore company for your businesses, we will set up an appropriate offshore company for you. Attention: An Offshore company is, however, not suitable for everyone! We advise you to read our article For whom the offshore company is not a suitable option.
  2. The maintenance fee for the basic administration of an offshore companies in a tax haven must be paid annually in advance. Under this maintenance, we handle a submission of annual reports and tax returns with home offices. The maintenance fee is also used for a flat tax payment, for the virtual registration address fees or virtual office, or registration agent.
  3. Enhanced administration and negotiations on behalf of an offshore company (or its owner) – within the scope of this administration we provide nominee directors, tax planning consultation, and – upon the client‘s application, we can handle the drafting and signing of contracts, warranties and agreements, regular billing and other carried out operations, to fulfil the purpose of an offshore company determined by the client. The scope of this administration will, of course, be determined according to the individual requirements of the client. An enhanced administration is not mandatory.
  4. Acting on behalf of the offshore company (or its owner directly) – a client may act its director / shareholder; if you are interested in anonymity, you can use the services of nominee directors / shareholders or a trust. Prices of nominee services vary according to the type of business and the individual offshore destination.

We offer offshore services including the provisions of full legal services based on offshore home law and the services of an authorized translator and interpreter. In addition, we can also manage the opening of a bank account with banks inside and outside the EU.

Offshore companies can also be resold or new business partners can be associated with them. In this case, we arrange changes in offshore companies (transfer of shares, change of directors, change of name, etc.)

For more information please read examples of using offshore companies.

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