Foreign companies

Establishment and sale of foreign companies

As part of our activities in foreign markets, we offer our clients ready made companies and the establishment of turn-key companies in Slovakia, Poland and Italy.

In all of these countries, our clients can purchase a ready-made limited liability company, ready-made joint stock company or a ready made European company (SE). All of these types of companies can also be tailored to the exact requirements and specific needs of a particular client.

Those interested in establishing or buying a foreign company have the option to use a  virtual registered office for the company with the possibility of short-term rental of meeting rooms and the service of receiving and forwarding mail.

Upon the establishment or acquisition of a foreign company, we provide each client with a contact to the accounting office that can, if the client wishes, process and keep accounts of their foreign company.

Using our services to establish or sell a foreign company, we provide our clients with   comprehensive administrative services and thus give them the option to fully engage in their business plans.

Profispoleč offers the establishment or purchase of companies in the following destinations:

Setting up or purchasing a foreign company 

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