Ready made JSC

Ready made (shelf) joint stock company (JSC) 

A Ready made joint stock company (JSC) is a pre-established JSC which is intended for sale to the end customer. A Ready made company has never conducted any business, and therefore has a 100% guarantee of indebtedness.

This joint stock company (JSC) has already a registered trade licence, so you can start running your businesses under its name as its new owner at the very same day of its transfer. The fee for registration of changes in the company is also included in the price!

The price for a ready made joint stock company (JSC) includes the following services: 

  • Organization of the General Meeting and election of a new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.
  • Verification of all required documents and signatures on all documents.
  • Judicial fee for the registration of changes in the Commercial Register.
  • Trade licence.
  • Change of registered office within Prague.
  • Guarantee of the company‘s registration in the Commercial Register.
  • Extract from the Criminal Record of Corporate Directors and Supervisory Board members.
  • Transfer of the company‘s shares.
  • Extract from the Trade Register and extract from the Land Registry.
  • Company registration for income tax.

Choose from our wide offer of ready made JSC. We provide the quickest and fastest way to purchase a ready made joint stock company. With our service we will help you focus on your business activities. 

For more information about a ready made joint stock company and its assignment, please see the section on ready made JSC.



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