Founding a general partnership (v. o. s.)

Establishing a General partnership (v. o. s.) only from CZK 4,900 including VAT!

  • Establishing a new General partnership and its registration in the Commercial Register (OR).
  • Changes, updating and modification of the Memorandum of Association of the General partnership.
  • The election and registration of new statutory bodies.
  • Registering of the General partnership at the tax office, health insurance company and the social security administration.
  • Bookkeeping and payroll for your General partnership.
  • Tax and legal advice.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of a General partnership.

Process of establishing a General partnership

The company is founded by a Memorandum of Association, which does not have to take form of a notarial record. In the Memorandum of Association, the partners usually include dividing the property of the partnership between themselves in case of its abolition or the profit distribution. A General partnership must always have at least 2 partners and is established just like any other business companies on the date of its entry in the Commercial Register. As of this date, the company is also assigned an identification number (IČ).

Statutory body of the General partnership

The statutory body of a General partnership may be one partner, multiple partners or all partners. The Memorandum of Association may stipulate that the statutory body is an executive director or directors.

Each partner can view all of the company's documents and check all contained documentation.

Dissolution and abolition of the General partnership

A General partnership is abolished on the basis of a unilateral legal action, court decision or a legal event (eg. expiration of time, etc.)

However, a VOS will cease to exist as of the date of its deletion from the Commercial Register.

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