Setting up a JSC

Establishing a joint stock company (JSC) at a fair price with no hidden fees!

We will set you up with a Joint-stock Company - a company on a turnkey basis - tailored to your requirements, in about 8 working days. The only thing you need as opposed to purchasing a ready made company, is a payment of a basic capital in the amount of 2.000.000, - CZK (or at least 30% thereof) to the bank account of your newly established joint stock company (JSC).

The price of the establishment of a Joint-stock Company includes absolutely everything:

  • Obtaining and completing all necessary documents and forms.
  • Notary deed (Deed of Foundation and Articles of Incorporation of a joint stock company).
  • Verification of signatures of the founder on all documents.
  • Extract from the Criminal Register of Corporate Directors and Supervisory Board members.
  • Extract from the Land Registry for a registered office address.
  • Extract from the Commercial Register.
  • Obtaining trade licenses within free trades.
  • Company‘s registration for income tax and VAT.
  • Legal stamps and court fees for filing for company‘s registration in the Companies Register.
  • 100% guarantee of a turn-key company‘s entry into the Companies Register.

Establish a joint stock company with us and start your business quickly. Do you want to set up a Joint-stock Company? Founding a new legal entity is very easy with our services. We will help you set up a JSC according to your needs and wishes. Form your JSC with professionals from the Czech Republic - After having managed the initial administrative burden, you can focus on your business activities!

For more information on establishing a joint stock company, see the section on establishing a joint stock company.

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