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Information on ready made companies

A Ready made company, or in other words a pre-established company, is a company already registered by the Municipal Court, which is intended solely for its sale to a new entrepreneur. You can call it a SPE, SPV, off-the-shelf company, ready-made or a quick company.

Ready-made companies are, in particular, designed to open the possibility for starting entrepreneurs to start their business quickly, under a new name and without the unnecessary financial burden in the form of redeeming a share capital. 

Ready made companies have never conducted any commercial activity. Further, they are already registered in the Commercial register, have ID's, have zero economic and financial history, and thereby they are guaranteed to be 100% debt free.

Ready made companies are an attractive alternative to setting up a company either through a specialized firm or by oneself.

The decisive advantage of a ready made company, which makes this product so popular, in comparison to a standard company establishment, is fastness and availability of acquisition of such a company.

While there is a typical wait time, which can last up to 2 weeks, to start running your businesses under a new company name, with our ready made company, whether it is a joint-stock company or a limited liability company, you can start running your business almost immediately, practically within 1 hour since our ready made company has already a fully redeemed share capital.

Profispoleč possesses a portfolio of ready made companies that are ready to be sold to the end customer with a guarantee that these companies have no business history and are free of liabilities and debt, while simultaneously having fully redeemed their share capital.

Ready made companies are instantly available to clients at favourable market prices with no hidden costs. 

Price comparison with our competitors

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The main advantages of our off the shelf companies

  • No business history, liabilities and receivables.
  • Our companies have a fully redeemed basic capital.
  • Our companies are instantly available - you can start running your businesses within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • All companies are registered in the Commercial Register and have a signed, sealed and delivered trade licence for free trade.
  • You can start immediately acting on behalf of such a company without having to wait for a registration in the Commercial Register.
  • All you need is to pay only one visit to the notary with your identity card.
  • Favourable market prices with no hidden fees!

If you are interested to learn what steps are taken for assigning a READY MADE company and want to know more about how it is with its basic capital, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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