You can acquire a Hungarian company either by having it set up on a turnkey basis or by purchasing it from us. We offer:

  • Establishing a Hungarian LLC - the creation of a turnkey company in Hungary
  • A Ready made Hungarian LLC - the purchase of a pre-established limited liability company in Hungary

The particular services are explained below. We also offer qualified legal services of a Hungarian lawyer or service of virtual registered office in Hungary or bookkeeping in accordance with Hungarian law.

Establishing a Hungarian limited liability company

If you order a Hungarian company from us, we will arrange all the administration required for the process of establishing a Hungarian limited liability company, i.e.: preparation of all the documents necessary for the establishment of the company, all fees - the necessary stamps for establishing a company, contacting and representing the client before the authorities as well as consultation and advice on the establishment of a tailored Hungarian LLC.

In addition, clients who order the establishment of a Hungarian LLC have the option to  use a virtual registered office for their new company in Hungary with the possibility of short-term lease of the meeting rooms and with the service of taking over and forwarding postal items.

We will also recommend our clients an accounting firm offering bookkeeping services to the new company.

We are able to establish a Hungarian LLC even without the active participation of the client, therefore you do not have to be present.

Ready made Hungarian limited liability company

A Ready made Hungarian LLC is a limited liability company incorporated in the Hungarian Commercial Register, has an assigned ID number, and has been established solely for the purpose of being transferred to the end customer. The Hungarian ready made limited liability company has no liabilities or receivables.

You can obtain a ready made LLC in Hungary from us within 24 hours and so you can start your business in Hungary immediately.

Regarding any Hungarian ready made LLC we offer, we guarantee that it is registered in the Hungarian Business Register and has its own ID, is registered for income tax, has no liabilities or receivables, has never conducted any business activity and its share capital is repaid in full.

We also offer to all of our clients who have used our service and purchased from us a Hungarian ready made LLC, also the possibility to use the virtual office of the company in Hungary together with the option of short-term lease of the meeting rooms and the service of taking and forwarding postal items. We will also recommend an accounting firm that can provide bookkeeping services for their new business.

In case the client is not satisfied with the name or registered address of the new limited liability company in Hungary, we also offer an immediate possibility to change the business name or the registered address of the company or to adjust the trade licenses of this Hungarian ready made company.

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