About us

Profispolečnosti.cz s.r.o. is a leading consulting company in the field of providing a full range of services connected with establishing business companies, sale of READY-MADE companies, registered office addresses, establishing offshore foreign companies and other related services.

We value our relationships with clients and see them as long-term partnerships. At Profispolečnosti.cz we aspire to build enduring client relationships based on delivering real results. 

Our services are shaped by the individual needs of every client. Over the years, we have developed a wide portfolio of professional services and we place importance to approach every client with professional care and time necessary to bring the project to a successful end. Furthermore, we help our clients overcome excessive bureaucracy, which interferes with anyone who operates or wants to establish and start managing a business company. This way we not only save our clients money, we save them their time.

Nowadays, thanks to our many years of experience, we feel confident to say that we offer Ready-Made Limited Liability Companies and Ready-Made Joint Stock Companies at competitive prices together with providing timely service both in setting up new companies and their transfer.

In addition, we guarantee that our companies are debt-free at the moment of their purchase or ownership transfer to the client.

This way, we deliver to our customers a quality product, comfortably, at favourable prices, and in particular, in an accelerated process of handling bureaucratic obstacles, reducing the waiting time for a new company by up to 14 days when compared with our competitors. 

"We firmly believe that you will find what you are looking for in our offer and that you will be satisfied with our services!"

 JUDr. Jakub Maur, Managing Director

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