The Republic of Seychelles, or simply Seychelles, is an offshore country (tax haven) is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa and north of the island of Madagascar.

Capital: Victoria, on the island of Mahé

The official languages of Seychelles: English, French, Creole

Currency: Seychelles Rupee - SCR

The main advantages of a Seychelles offshore company

  • Fast establishment of an offshore companies - usually within one day.
  • The capital of the offshore company can be subscribed in any amount without any obligation of repayment.
  • The possibility of issuing bearer shares, bearer shares in certificated form, however, cannot leave the territory of Seychelles.
  • Zero income tax in case the income comes from sources outside the Seychelles.
  • Bookkeeping is required, but there is no obligation to hand it over or submit it for inspection - it is only necessary to specify where the important accounting documentation and other documents of the offshore company are archived.
  • Tax return not required.
  • Since April 2009, the Republic of Seychelles is listed on the OECD white list - i.e. it is a country with standard tax legislation.
  • It is possible to choose the name of the company with any amendment determining the legal form of the company, such as k. s., o. s., Ltd., Co., GmbH., AG, Ltd., Co., LLC, etc., which increases variability in the use of such offshore company.
  • The possibility of using nominee services (managing director and nominee shareholder) for even higher degree of anonymity of ownership.
  • Non-public register - only the registration agent has data on persons participating in the company and is therefore not publicly accessible.
  • Due to the double taxation treaty concluded with Cyprus, it is suitable to connect a Seychelles company to a Cypriot company structure in order to reduce the tax burden of the Cyprus company.

International agreements

International Convention against money laundering and terrorist financing

The Republic of Seychelles has signed these treaties. The practical importance of these agreements for company owners is mainly the fact that, where money laundering or terrorist financing is suspected by a Seychelles company, its registration agent may provide personal data of persons participating in the company and the basic description of its operations to superior authorities, that forward the case, even to the Czech Republic.

Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (DTA)  with the Czech Republic

This agreement is not concluded. Direct payments from the Czech Republic to the Seychelles are subject to withholding taxes. A Seychelles company is not suitable for direct sale of goods or services to the Czech Republic.

Agreement on the exchange of tax information with the Czech Republic

This agreement is not concluded - a higher degree of anonymity of the property.

Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters

This agreement is not concluded - a higher degree of ownership anonymity.

Common uses of a Seychelles company

  • Holding (parent company) of another company (e.g. in the Czech Republic) to optimize the anonymity of property ownership and hide the true owner of the company structure.
  • Direct sale of goods or services in case it is not necessary to use a system of agreements to avoid double taxation and no risk of withholding taxes - in cases where payments do not go directly from the Czech Republic but either from other offshore destinations or from a destination which has concluded the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (e.g. Cyprus).


Setting up a Seychelles offshore company

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