Registered office

Prague 6

Zrzavého 1705163 00 Praha 6 - Řepy

Description of the place

The Registered office of the company, especially if it is located at a prestigious address in Prague 6, co-creates the reputation of each company. The house in which our virtual residence is located is located in the cadastral area of Řepy and its attractive address in Prague 6 will certainly increase the prestige of your company.

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Period of the lease:

1 year 299 CZK / mon.
without VAT

Time to rent:

2 years 169 CZK / mon.
without VAT

Time to rent:

3 years 119 CZK / mon.
without VAT

Time to rent:

4 years 99 CZK / mon.
without VAT

the price includes

  • the property labeled with the name and identification number of the client in accordance with the law